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Sport bets are becoming more and more popular, and in contrast to games of chance like the Lottery, there is a real chance of winning. However, only few people ever become rich through gambling. Betting is for entertainment purposes and should always be considered as games.

To make sure the game remains a game, and your hobby does not end in uncontrolled wagers or even compulsive gambling, we recommend that you take the following principles to heart when you visit Tipiwin.

  • Be conscious of the fact that the game is for your entertainment and does not represent a guaranteed source of income.
  • Set yourself a limit to the number of bets you place and how much you bet in such a way that a loss cannot influence your economic situation.
  • Limit the time you would like to spend on the online game and do not consider extending this time limit.
  • Stick to your money and time-related limits both when you are losing and winning.
  • Never wager money you need for your upkeep and to fullfil the financial obligations you and your family have.
  • Do not take out a loan or lend money in any other way to carry out bets or other online games.
  • Do not play and bet when you are under the influence of alcohol or medication.
  • Do not use the possibility of playing online to distract yourself from arguments, disappointments, frustration or problems.
  • Do not neglect your social environment, and take reactions from your partner, members of your family, friends and colleagues at work seriously.
  • Do not play and bet secretly, and do not give up your other leisure activities for it.

Be honest with yourself. If you have difficulties following the above basic rules (even in individual points) we suggest you seek professional help.

There are lots of independent organisations that offer help to compulsive gamblers.




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