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Zahlungsmittel - Einzahlung: Boleto

Now Brazilians Players can deposit at Tipiwin using Boleto Bancário, the most traditional method for payments in Brazil. Tipiwin is very selective concerning payment providers, establishing a guarantee of a higher quality service and safety standard for our gaming platform. Due to this, NETELLER was chosen to provide us the payment with Boleto Bancário. NETELLER is one of the most trusted virtual wallets on the web and counts with 24 hours support in Brazil. How to deposit with Boleto:

1 Access your NETELLER account to generate the Boleto.
2 Pay your Boleto in reais to deposit to your NETELLER account.
3 Transfer the money from your NETELLER account to your Tipiwin account.
4 Your Tipiwin account will be credited instantly. Good luck betting!

Payment with Boleto Bancário: easy and safe

  • You can pay your Boleto Bancário using internet banking, lottery shops or direct in your bank.
  • By choosing NETELLER to provide the payment with Boleto, we offer a safe alternative, keeping you always in control of your money.

If you don’t have a NETELLER account:

If you don't have a NETELLER account but you wish to use Boleto as your payment method click here:

If you already have a NETELLER account

Click here to access your NETELLER account and generate the Boleto:

Generate Boleto via NETELLER

Click here if you already paid your Boleto Bancário:

Transfer funds